Review agent and distributor performance

Reviewing your Agent/ Distributors Performance Checklist

It is essential to maintain close contact with your intermediaries to ensure that they are representing your products effectively in the marketplace, and to establish whether or not both parties are providing enough support to each other.

Here is a useful checklist to help you cover the relevant areas during an annual review with your agent/ distributor. The review should be in line with the targets set in your contract and should consider the needs of both parties.

Sales & Product

  • How many new customer accounts were secured? Agent/ Distributor to provide list

  • How many of the agreed outlets (delis, cafes, hotels, restaurants) were targeted?

  • How much volume was achieved?

  • What Sales Value was achieved (for principal)?

  • Did the Principal provide enough sales support e.g. incentives?

  • Did the Agent/ Distributor have any stock/ delivery issues with the Principals product?

  • Did the Agent/ Distributor have any quality assurance issues with the Principals product? E.g. any feedback from customers on packaging/ branding?

  • Other Sales & Product Comments;

    • Was the Principals Sales Expectation met? YES NO

    • What Improvements can be made for the next 12 months?

Sales & PR Resources & Support

Were the following activities undertaken?

  • Sales Visits Number:

  • Telesales Drives: Number:

  • Direct Mail Drives: Number:

  • Monthly Sales and Depletion Reports: Number:

  • Sharing Competitor & Market Information: Information:

  • Advertising: Number & Location:

  • PR Activity: Type:

  • Exhibition/ Joint Activity: Number & Type:

Did the agent/ distributor contribute sufficient resources/ support to your product? YES NO

What Improvements can be made for the next 12 months?


Did the Distributor& Principal offer effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Enough Communication between both parties?

  • Speed of Response

  • Verbal Communication

  • Written Communication

What Improvements can be made in the next 12 months?

What lessons have been learned about the marketplace in the last 12 months/ period?

  • Product Trends

  • Pricing Trends

  • Promotional Trends

  • General Economic Trends

  • Competitor Developments (new entrants, new products, new activity)


Were the Principals expectations met in the following areas?

  • Market Knowledge

  • Commitment to the Principals Company

  • Financial Strength

  • Storage Facilities

  • Stock Levels Held

  • After Sales Service

  • Offering Advice to Customers

  • Technical Support

  • Payment Record

Next Review to be held on:

Signed (Principal):

Signed (Distributor):