Herd Health Planning Support

Herd Health Planning Support
Menter Moch Cymru aims to help Welsh pig farmers lift herd profitability and performance by improving disease prevention and control. This new initiative will provide financial assistance for pig herd health planning. Eligible farmers can apply to receive 80% of the cost of the veterinary health plan in the first year, with continued financial assistance for its review at a rate of 40% in year 2 and 20% in year 3.
What are the benefits of health planning?
The aim of a veterinary health plan is to minimise the risk of new diseases entering the pig herd by effective biosecurity and by control of any infections on the farm through good management. Maintaining high standards of hygiene and preventive treatment programmes within an effective health plan will:
       Improve herd health, disease control and pig welfare
       Increase farm efficiency, profit and sustainability
 How will it work?
       The second stage of the process will be a farm consultancy visit by the vet who will take appropriate samples for a health screen of the herd. The diseases tested for may include:-
o    PRRS virus (Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome/blue ear)
o    Enzootic Pneumonia (Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae)
o    Swine Dysentery (Brachyspira hyodysenteriae)
o    Porcine circovirus type 2 PCV2 (PMWS)
o    Sarcoptic Mange and worms, etc.
     The health plan will be completed by the vet based on the information collected prior to the visit, during the visit and from laboratory results of the faecal and blood samples
     Funding will be available to enable the health plan to be reviewed in subsequent years as follows:
Year 1 – 80% funded
Year 2 – 40% funded – to be carried out within 12 – 18 months from the of the date of the original plan
Year 3 – 20% funded – to be carried out within 24 – 30 months from the of the date of the original plan
What will be included in the Veterinary Health Plan?
The veterinary health plan will include advice on:
     Evaluation/establishment of a Farm Biosecurity Plan
     Routine worming programme for sows, weaned piglets and growers, the potential for monitoring of parasitic burden by routine egg counting and evaluation of livers from slaughtered pigs
     Vaccination programme with appropriate advice given regards Erysipelas and Parvo virus vaccinations and any other vaccination requirement identified from the result of the blood tests and/or clinical evidence
     Breeding performance - setting and meeting suitable breeding targets for the herd, boar contact or the use of AI, gestational feeding, housing and sow condition scoring to maximise the productivity of the breeding herd
     Creation of an Action Plan to include measurable targets e.g. number of piglets born/reared; reduced time to get sows back in pig post weaning or any other areas of production deemed appropriate by the vet and within the scope of the farm.
Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the Menter Moch Cymru subsidised veterinary health plan applicants must satisfy the criteria listed below:
      Applicants must be a farm in Wales and pigs must be kept on a farm with a registered Welsh holding number
     It should be the first pig health plan prepared by a veterinary surgeon
     A minimum stocking level applies and applicants must have 100 qualifying points or more, according to the grid below:
For each
No. of Qualifying points
Breeding sow/in pig gilts
Breeding boar
Piglets born or finished pigs
Example: 10 sows = 100 points
                                                            100 finished pigs = 100 points
                                                            5 sows and 50 finished pigs = 100 points
The Application Process
The 2019 Application window opened on13th June 2019 and closes on 30th September 2019 - unless the maximum number of eligible applications is received before the closing day. In which case, the application window may close before the 30th September 2019 and will be publicised on this page.
Application is initially by completing the expression of interest form (EOI) found on this page and returning it via email to mentermochcymru@menterabusnes.co.uk.
Successful applicants will be informed in writing and will then be eligible to claim 80% of the veterinary health plan costs from Menter Moch Cymru up to a maximum value of £300.
Making a claim
The claim process is as follows:
Once the stages outlined above have been completed, participants must submit the claim form supplied by Menter Moch Cymru and a copy of the paid invoice from the vet that delivered the health plan to:
Menter Moch Cymru, Menter a Busnes, Unit 3, Science Park, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 3AH
Terms and Conditions
1.       Applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria to participate in the scheme
2.       Participating businesses must be willing to provide feedback and top-line performance data in order to allow for the effectiveness of the scheme can be monitored. Data will be anonymised.
3.       Claims must be submitted to Menter Moch Cymru using the form provided within 6 months of the date of completion of the health plan
4.       Proof of payment of the vet’s invoice must accompany the claim
5.       Businesses in receipt of the initial funding will be eligible for additional financial support to review the health plan in subsequent years at a rate of 40% in year 2 and 20% in year 3
For further information, please contact Menter Moch Cymru on mentermochcymru@menterabusnes.co.uk or 01970 636285.