Cywain Agriculture

Cywain Agriculture is a project dedicated to adding value to produce grown or reared on Welsh farms. This is achieved by developing new products and facilitating access to new markets in order to sustain a future for the sector.

Collaboration is key with an emphasis on understanding the entire supply chain to develop products in line with market trends and demand. The assistance available includes support from Cywain Development Managers, expert advice from key individuals within the food sector and a quality one to one mentoring service with the strong emphasis of adding value. We aim to boost the confidence of participants and help them to venture to new markets to develop and grow their businesses whilst responding to market demand.

The project is available to all in Wales and is funded through the Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme (one of the Rural Development Plan for Wales schemes).

In addition to general Cywain help we have specific thematic strands that could help your businesses

Who is Eligible?

The project’s primary aim is to support primary producers as either individulas or groups who have a holding number and CRN number in adding value to their produce.
However, Cywain can also work with processors and retailers who are able to demonstrate that support in developing new products and markets will result in added value for Welsh primary produce.

Routes to Market

Identifying and exploring different ways of getting your product to the consumer.

Market Intelligence 

In depth knowledge of product and market developments. 

Tourism and Hospitality

Workshops and Meet the Buyer events targetting the Toursim and Hospitality sectors.

Test Trading

Opportunities to try out new markets and products.